Photo submitted by Tanya Morrison Maloney

We want you to help us help others to Discover Cleburne. If you use Twitter, Facebook, and/or Instagram, use the hashtag #discovercleburne. We are also on Pinterest so follow the Cleburne County Chamber there, too.

What makes our community so special? If you ask me it’s our people. The people are the heart and soul of our community. When I think of Cleburne County, I think of my grandmother, my mom, the people I see everyday when I go into town that make me so proud to live and work here: the people who make my job at the chamber so amazing because I get to work for and with the people who make my hometown. I am proud to be from Cleburne County, and you should be too.

We are all constantly posting status updates and pictures to social media. So why not show your pride in your county? After all, it is absolutely beautiful! The next time you and your family visit one of our events, take a walk down your street, see a photo op, or even just have a picnic in your back yard, use the #discovercleburne in your post to show people what Cleburne County is all about, and what a wonderful place it is!

dis·cov·er (dĭ-skŭv′ər)

    1. To unearth. To notice or learn, especially by making an effort.
    2. To be the first, or the first of one’s group or kind, to find, learn of, or observe. To learn about for the first time in one’s experience.
    3. To gain sight or knowledge of something previously unknown.
    4. To notice or realize.

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