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Town of Ranburne


The first settlers homesteaded in Lost Creek, now Ranburne, around 1814. The name, Ranburne, derived from combining the names Randolph and Cleburne. Ranburne is a small-incorporated town of approximately 500 people located on Highway 46 in the southeastern portion of Cleburne County. The town was incorporated November 12, 1957, and built its first city hall-jail in 1959. Ranburne has two schools, Ranburne Elementary School and Ranburne High School, home of the “Ranburne Bulldogs”. Ranburne offers baseball fields and a park. The citizens of Ranburne are proud, hard working people that indemnify the rural heritage of Cleburne County with many still keeping their family farming operation going.

Town of Ranburne Leadership and Contacts

  • Mayor Owen Lowery
  • City Clerk Pam Richardson
  • (256)568-3483